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Please note special pricing applies to this item. 

Elevate your connectivity in the farthest corners of New Zealand with our Starlink rental unit. Our standard Starlink kit comes fully equipped with all the essentials to get you online in mere minutes, boasting a Starlink satellite, a reliable WiFi router, essential cables, and a sturdy base.

For just $299, you can enjoy the first 5 days of seamless internet access, with subsequent days priced at an affordable $20, making it the ideal choice for live productions in remote locations where internet connectivity is crucial for seamless team collaboration.

Stay connected effortlessly and amplify your productivity with our Starlink rental unit.

Included in this kit

- Base Station (note : Power is required) 

- Mast (& 25m Cable) with Stand

- Unlimited internet connection.

- Ethernet Connection

Discounts available for long term rentals. Contact us for a quote today!

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